The Planning Process

  • Our main service is to provide you an objective and comprehensive fee-based financial plan, using the fundamentals of the “Financial Planning Pyramid” to make sure you will be “Okay”.
  • We use a proven defined process to produce a customized plan specifically designed for your unique situation.  We begin by getting to know you, your current situation, your goals and desires.
  • We then take that information, analyze it and produce a plan which has our specific finding and recommendations regarding your current situation, and what needs to be done to help achieve your goals.
  • We take the solutions, and put prioritize what in what order the steps should be taken to put your plan into action.
  • We will be your advocate in the financial marketplace to ensure you have the best products and tools for your situation.
  • During this whole process, we work closely with your other advisors to make sure we are fully coordinated with the tax and legal aspects of your plan.