Regina earns Certified Business Exit Consultant® Designation

Pinnacle Equity Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that Regina recently earned the Certified Business Exit Consultant® Designation from Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc. The Certified Business Exit Consultant® Designation is a significant achievement and further establishes Regina as an exit planner in the marketplace today.

About the CBEC® Designation

The CBEC® Designation offered through Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc. is a highly regarded exit planning designation. Out of all the senior-level, professional advisors who are in the process of seeking the designation, less than fifty percent (50%) have satisfied the stringent requirements to be granted the mark. The coursework, the examination, as well as the submission of a suitable exit plan with an actual business owner, most-often make the entire process of achieving the CBEC® mark a multi-year endeavor.

To receive the CBEC® Designation, Regina completed the course’s extensive education and training program that required 20+ hours of pre-course study, 32 hours of leading edge curriculum taught by top instructors in their respective fields, and included content from a first-of-its-kind MBA class on the ground-breaking field of ‘private finance’. Regina then demonstrated mastery of the curriculum through the successful completion of a rigorous final examination as well as the delivery of a comprehensive exit plan to a business owner, including peer review and a formal interview regarding the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the exit planning process delivered to that owner (s).

In all, Regina achieved a significant level of distinction, demonstrating mastery of the exit planning process including the delivery of solutions that assist business owners with the largest financial and emotional transaction of their lives.

About Exit Planning

There are currently over ten million baby boomer business owners in the United States and the majority of these owners will be exiting their business in the next five to ten years. Since 2010, CBEC® holders have been uniquely qualified and positioned to provide exit planning advice and support to these business owners and assist with this complex need.

The quality and the brand of Pinnacle’s CBEC® Designation demands the highest educational standards. Pinnacle holds graduates to these high standards to ensure that any advisor in the marketplace with the CBEC® designation has not only completed their extensive Certification course and pre-work, but has also actually taken an owner through this process and delivered the caliber of solution that Pinnacle expects from their advisors. A commitment to continuing education to keep abreast of changes in the business owner marketplace is also a part of the CBEC® designation.

The complexity of this emerging field of exit planning requires that Certified Business Exit Consultant® graduates not only learn the material, but are also well-equipped to go out into the marketplace and deliver exit planning services to exiting owners. In addition to the initial training, the CBEC® Designation opens up a wealth of resources to the advisor, allowing for an unprecedented level of support to business owners. The CBEC® advisor has exclusive access to an international network of elite practitioners capable of providing subject matter expertise and any necessary referrals, including to mergers and acquisitions advisors who understand and integrate into the CBEC® exit planning process to assist business owners seeking a successful ‘external sale’ transaction.

Ongoing remote and live trainings, as well as national conferences, ensure the CBEC® holder stays abreast of industry changes and connected with the network. And proprietary software tools assist the CBEC® holder in providing an accurate and insightful analysis of a business owner’s needs. Finally, there a vast library of educational content facilitates business owners’ understanding of issues across a wide array of topics critical to a successful exit. The CBEC® Designation is designed to deliver this combination of training and skills through our rigorous curriculum, live practice management training and ongoing support.

So it is with great honor that Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc. as well as the Certified Business Exit Consultant committee recognizes Regina Beatty with the significant achievement of attaining this coveted mark of distinction.