After 25+ years in the financial services industry, there are many stories to tell. By sharing these stories, and those stories from other advisors and clients, we hope to create a “call to action”, to get you engaged and be a part of the decision making process for you and your family’s financial life.

Stories about Women…

  • Who want to know that they will be okay financially, no matter what might happen
  • Who have to change their lifestyle after a life event because there was no planning done
  • Who are widowed, and don’t feel comfortable working with their spouse’s advisor, who never really took the time to get to know HER as well as HIM.
  • Who are disengaged in their financial lives and leave the decisions to their husbands, because that is just the way it is
  • Who have stepchildren, and have difficulties becoming engaged in legacy planning, for fear of sounding selfish
  • Who are concerned about the possible disinheritance of their own children, should they die prematurely
  • Who have failed to plan for a special needs adult child – autism, bipolar, substance abuse, physical or learning disabilities – because the discussion is difficult

This is just a short list of topics that we will provide content to help you navigate through these difficult conversations. That is our process. To get to know you, your family, vision, values, goals AND fears. As important as it is to take care of your physical health, it is just as important to take care of your financial wealth. It is our “Responsibility of Love”, as the Lincoln ads portray. We understand that “Today’s Traditional Family” is like no other, and your planning should reflect that.


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