Heritage Financial Consultants, LLC - Your Local Team

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Heritage Financial Consultants, LLC has been providing financial planning services to many communities for more than two decades

  • We coordinate all pertinent aspects of your financial life on a cross-disciplinary basis and collaborate with your other advisors – such as your accountant and attorney
  • Through our process, we provide a customized approach providing clarity to all aspects of your financial situation, helping you to make informed decisions, so that you feel confident that your goals may become reality.

Including Heritage Financial Consultants, LLC, Regina and Julian are members of several national teams of advisors that are regarded as some of the best financial minds in the industry, including The Resource GroupSagemark Consulting, Private Wealth Services, providing additional services to clients in the “very high net worth” category, and Lincoln’s Business Intelligence Institute, providing business owners with planning for growth as well as preparing for succession.

So regardless of the level of complexity your situation may entail, Regina, Julian and their team can bring you the best solutions for your unique situation.